The Autoimmune Guide to Life

Course description

The Autoimmune Guide to Life

is the backbone to decluttering your brain and your schedule

so that you can streamline and simplify

your daily life for

maximum productivity

 in turn, leading to a healthier life!

  • Get in the right mindset for success now that you are a different person due to your disease
  • Learn how to knock out overwhelm by taking control of your calendar and to-dos
  • See the areas of your life that you can delegate out in order to lighten your load
  • Keep track of your symptoms, appointments, medications, and supplements all in on easy to access location
  • Connect your spouse to a Trello system that will streamline communication and cut down on confusion
  • Learn how to manage your daily routines so that you never forget a step and it does not wear you out just to get ready for the day!

The Autoimmune Guide to Life Self Guided Program is just for you!

I wish we were to be able to sit down on my couch in our pajama pants with a big 'ole cup of hot and creamy coffee (or froyo - my secret love) and hash out what this autoimmune thing looks like to you.
Since we can't do that, this course is the next best thing.

Inside we are going to get honest about what you are doing throughout your day and what can you delegate. No longer is it healthy for you to do "all the things". Over scheduling now can lead to having a flare up and landing you in bed. Nobody wants that. Trying to keep "all the things" in your head is not the best strategy anymore. 

I created systems to manage brain clutter, over scheduling, and tips and tricks to streamline your home. With these strategies in place, you can focus on resetting your circadian rhythms, trying out a new way of eating, researching supplements for the best solution for you, healing your leaky gut and your adrenals. In order to tackle your Autoimmune disease and put it as close to remission as you can, you need a clear brain, decluttered schedule, and systems to help run your life so that you don't need to put any energy towards tasks that don't deserve it. 

Nikol Murphy

Nikol Murphy

Lead Instructor

After 3 years, a few misdiagnoses, incorrect medication, and 6 doctors, I was properly diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

I honestly thought at first that I was going to take a pill and manage my symptoms. I mean... isn't that what you do? You get a diagnosis, take a pill and move on with your life? Not in the case of an autoimmune disease.

Wrapping my head around all the moving parts of an autoimmune disease completely overwhelmed me. I was nervous to look on the internet for information, so I went off of the little information my doctor provided to me. I ignored suggestions and resources because I felt good enough. Meanwhile, I became more ill as the days went by. Every few months I hit a new low.

In March of 2016, I was in the ER with symptoms that even scared my doctors due to a Hashimoto's Thyroiditis flare up. I was told that I needed to go find a doctor that could handle my illness because my doctor couldn't do anything else for me. That is when I was forced to open my eyes and deal with my illness head-on.

I combed through websites and experts, met with doctor after doctor, found a naturopath that I love, found a Nurse Practitioner that I adore, found the right nutrition, schedule, and medicine for me. I am always learning and striving to feel "even better", but I honestly never thought that I would feel this good again. My goal is to have this illness in remission, when once not so long ago I honestly thought I was dying from it.

I'm taking the organizational tools and knowledge I learned about the autoimmune world and giving you the information I wish I had when I was first diagnosed. Here is your fast track program to getting your world under control and you healthy faster!

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1 Survey

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